Mankind is using plants as herbs long before history was ever recorded. it has been used by many civilizations and cultures for medicinal and dietary purposes from the long-known history of humankind. there are many important herbs we use in our everyday life. but today we will be discussing 3 herbs to boost the immune system naturally.


Fang Feng [Siler Root] Herbs to boost the immune system

Fang Feng herbs or most commonly known as Siler Root is one of the most valuable herbs in traditional Chinese herbal treatment medicines. because of its organic properties, this herb is used for the treatment of flu, pollen, and improve the immune system.[source]

Benefits of Fang Feng

According to the ancient Chinese medicine theory, the Siler root has the great ability to fight against airborne diseases, the airborne disease is caused by the pathogenic microbes, it is discharged from the infected person via cough, sneeze, or physical contact. it enhances our body’s immune system from the diseases spread through the air. Chinese Word Fang Feng literally translated as ” air Prevention “.

Fangfeng or Siller Root also used to ease constipation, body aches, suppression of urine, and relieve the nerve system. it has antimicrobial, antibiotic, antipyretic, and antiviral effects. use of Fang Feng also has a positive impact on the liver and lungs. [source]


Fang Feng immunity improvement capabilities are because of its ability to prevent the wind pathogens from entering our body through wind channels, induce sweating, and controlling allergy. Basically, allergies are very complex and might be a result of deficiencies in our bodies. but those people who are prone to allergies more often, immunity-boosting might be the quick option. Fang Feng Provides that Quick Relief.
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Can I take Fang Feng in form of tea?

yes. boil this herb at medium flame for about 40min in addition to any other herbs you choose to combine it with. After 40 min boiling let the tea sit for 2 hours before drinking it.

Turmeric For The Immune System

Turmeric Herb is a yellow or some times gold-colored spice, that is a common ingredient of Indian subcontinent food. since the time of Ayurveda, turmeric has been using for a variety of diseases that includes skin irritation, pulmonary and gastrointestinal system diseases, wounds, pains, aches and to boost the immune system.


In the past, turmeric is not only used for health-related issues, but also for the preservation of food, dyeing textiles, and for the treatment of wounds. turmeric yellow color is because of the main component called Curcumin, it was first isolated from turmeric 200 years ago. and its diferuloylmethane properties were discovered in 1910 by Milobedzdka and Lampe.


Later Research proves that most of the turmeric qualities are because of the curcumin. during the lab experiments, Curcumin shows antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-allergic properties. these properties make turmeric one of there herbs to boost the immune system naturally.

How To Take Turmeric

Here is the list of five ways you can incorporate turmeric into your daily routine:

Turmeric Milk a.k.a Golden Milk:

Take two cups of fresh milk and one teaspoon of raw grind turmeric, Boil the Milk with Turmeric, then turn off the heat, after a few minutes, add one spoon Natural Honey, and Stire, this is the best drink to take before bed, as it will dissolve all your tiredness and give you good night sleep.

golden milk

Turmeric as Cold Buster:

if you are feeling cold or have cold symptoms then this is the best remedy, take one spoon turmeric powder, one teaspoon ginger powder, and two spoon honey, mix it well to make a paste and take it every day two times to boost your immune system naturally.

Turmeric Tea:

Take-Two Teaspoon raw grind turmeric, 1″ Cinamon piece, 1″ Ginger Paste, Boil in two cups of water for 5 minutes on medium flame, then cover for two minutes, after putting this tea in a cup add one Spoon Raw honey. your turmeric tea is ready. this tea is so beneficial for boosting the immune system, relief in internal body spasms, and arthritis.

turmeric tea

Turmeric In Food: 

Indian and middle eastern cuisine is incomplete without the addition of turmeric,  because of its health benefits, it is a regular part of 90 % of dishes prepared and served in this part of the world. because of this turmeric is considered an important spice and herbs to boost the immune system as well.

Turmeric Supplements:

you can also take turmeric supplements for various conditions and diseases, these supplements are specially prepared to boost the immune system of our body and tight protection against microbes and viruses.

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Astragalus Herb To Boost Immune System

Astragalus herb is one of the main herbs of Chinese Treatment Methodology. it is also named as huáng qí or milkvetch. Astragalus has antiviral and antibiotic properties and even sometimes used as an antioxidant in traditional Chinese herbal medicines. For a long time, Chinese herbal Practitioners are using Astragalus herb as an immune booster tonic and immune modulator. that’s why astragalus is a prominent herbs to boost the immune system.

astragalus root

However, Astragalus has introduced to the western world merely two decades ago, Because of its immune system tonic and adaptogenic properties became very popular among western herbal practitioners. it is vastly used in different german homeopathic medicines.

Astragalus herb regulates the white blood cell which is also called an immune cell in our body. and also activities the natural defense system of our body against pathogens. during the lab experiments on astragalus, it was noted that it increased interferon production significantly. interferon is an antiviral and immune signaling agent produced in our body naturally. [reference]

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apart from the immune booster, Astragalus has also known for its properties to the skin. it turns our dull and sagging skin into a glowing one. we can also use astragalus in tea form.


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