How to Find Natural Supplements to Boost Metabolism

Natural Supplements To Boost Metabolism

Our Body performs metabolism to create energy for regular body functions, we can increase metabolism by exercise, swimming, and regular physical activities, however, there are some natural supplements to boost metabolism. but first, we need to understand what is Metabolism.

Natural Supplements To Boost Metabolism

what is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions to convert digested food into energy, to run the body cellular system properly, and to Convert food into build blocks of protein and carbohydrates, and to eliminate the nitrogenous wastes from our body. our body uses this energy to perform basic functions such as circulating blood in the body, Controlling our body temperature, breathing, and sleeping.

How To Boost Metabolism Naturally?

These are things to improve your metabolism naturally.

Eat Spicy Foods Regularly

Spicy food for weight loss

Eating Spicy foods increase the temperature of your body and accelerates the metabolism. Because chilies and peppers contain capsaicin, a particular substance responsible for the acceleration of metabolism. A study shows that eating peppers would burn additional 10-15 calories per meal.

Drink Green Tea, Lemon Grass or Oolong Tea

weight loss tea lemon

Green Tea is very popular along with Oolong tea in China and East Asia, however, in far east Asia, in countries such as Indonesia or Malaysia People use Lemon Grass. a study shows that green tea, lemongrass, and oolong tea increases the metabolism by 4-5%. The Main Function of teas to convert stored fat into free fatty acid. this increases the fat burning ratio during metabolism by 15-17%.

Take a Proper Good Night Sleep

Lack of sleep may have negative impacts on your metabolism. it also has a connection with obesity and diabetes. Because of the lack of sleep, blood sugar levels increase with insulin resistance. research shows that lack of sleep cause hunger which leads to obesity and negative metabolism.

High-Intensity workout impact on Metabolism

High- Intensity workouts increase the fat burn rate by increasing metabolic ratio.  it involves rapid & intense bursts of activity. mixing up your exercises and workout schedules can boost your metabolism. for example, lifting heavy weights will help you to burn more calories.  lifting weight is important because it builds and retains your muscle,  the more muscle you have will have a greater impact on your body.

Use Coconut Oil in Your Kitchen

Coconut Oil is highly enriched with medium-chain fats, in a study carried out by researchers shows that coconut oil increases metabolism up 12% as compared to  8% of long-chain fats ( source). medium-chain fats boost your metabolism as compared to long-chain fats.

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Best Natural Supplements To Boost Metabolism

1- 1 Body Thyroid Support Dietary Supplement

Thyroid Support is a powerful and 100% natural combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids specially formulated to help maintain normal thyroid activity. Some benefits include…

  • Boost metabolism, improve immunity and support overall Thyroid function
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Helps with brain fog and restoring focus
  • Improve sleep quality and stay energized throughout the day

More on this Website: Benefits of Goji Berries

These are just a few of the incredible benefits that have been studied with improving thyroid function, and Thyroid Support not only accomplishes this with natural ingredients but also contains the exact clinical dosages required to provide those benefits with an easy to use formula.

Source: 1 Body Offical Website


2- Forest Leaf Thyroid Support

Forest leaf thyroid support is an all-natural blend contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals that help boost the immune system, thyroid hormone levels, and a healthy metabolism.

 A healthy thyroid function will help boost your overall health. It increases energy levels and concentration, reduces fatigue, and helps your mood & metabolism

The blend of natural ingredients includes vitamin B12, iodine, zinc, selenium, ashwagandha root, copper, coleus forskohlii & more. It can help enhance mood & wellbeing.

These thyroid support supplements are completely vegetarian and free from many allergy-inducing ingredients such as wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, or tree nuts.

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